Easy Serve Espresso PODS

La Semeuse Il Piacere Espresso Coffee Pods 20pcLa Semeuse Nocturne Coffee Pods 20pcLa Semeuse Soleil Levant Fair Trade Coffee Pods 20pcOur Single-serve E.S.E. espresso pods both reduce the time needed to brew coffee and simplify the brewing process by eliminating the need to measure out portions from bulk containers. Fully biodegradable. Each pod contains seven grams of coffee compressed into a food safe filter package. There are many Espresso machines compatible for use of 45 mm diameter E.S.E Espresso standard Pod even in US and Canada.

Available in: Piacere, Nocturne and Soleil Levant.

Never Bitter Coffee. How Do We Do It?

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Why Never Bitter Coffee? La Semeuse coffees are roasted at an altitude of 3300 feet, the reduced atmospheric pressure at this higher altitude allows for a slower roasting process at a lower temperature. The beans are never overheated or burnt, producing a fuller, richer, and purer end flavor with absolutely no bitterness. 

The altitude at which La Semeuse is created in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, provides the most significant benefit to the coffees’ signature taste

As a coffee bean roasts, it ‘opens’ and in this expansion, the flavors and aromatic oils are released. The greater the expansion, the greater the release and consequently the fuller the flavor. The benefit of La Semeuse’s location is that the lower roast temperature permits a fuller roast before the bean begins to burn. Therefore NEVER BITTER COFFEE.