Specialty coffees from Cafe La Semeuse

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffees from Cafe La Semeuse

The coffee market is split into two distinct sectors: everyday consumer coffee and specialty coffee. While the specialty coffee market currently represents only a small percentage of global production, the interest surrounding these coffees is growing year over year. Terms like “gourmet coffee”, “premium coffee” or “rare-brand coffee” may also be used to describe this kind of coffee.

What Makes Coffee a “Specialty” Variety?

It’s coffee made with a process aimed at achieving the following:

  • Seeking out batches of exceptionally high quality (more than 84/100 SCA points)
  • Selecting varieties based on the specific qualities of the land
  • Guaranteeing 100% traceability
  • Roasting profile unique to each selected estate
  • Improving the coffee preparation methods used by both baristas and coffee lovers

According to the Specialty Coffee Association, they are defined as superior-quality coffees with extraordinary flavor characteristics. They are planted and harvested under perfect conditions, and are only available in limited quantities. Prized and respected throughout the value chain, these coffees brew to create exceptional sensory and flavor properties which ensure they stand apart.

New Specialty Coffee Selections

To that end, Cafe La Semeuse is now featuring new Specialty Coffees that are packaged in natural kraft paper without aluminum and are reusable, innovative, and environmentally friendly materials.

Check out this new line of rare terroir coffees that have been carefully selected for their unique identity and aromatic range.