Specialty Coffee Caparaó – Brazil – Limited Edition – 8.8 oz. Whole Bean


The Caparaó terroir is located on the Caparaó Mountains in Minas Gerais, on the northeast side of Pico da Bandeira.
Known for its beautiful colonial towns, Minas Gerais boasts a wealth of geographical diversity, from mountains to great plains. It consists of several different regions, including Cerrado de Minas, Chapada, Sul de Minas and, most notably for specialty coffees, Matas de Minas.
Landscapes here are far from homogenous. Hills, narrow valleys, and ancient rocks come together to demonstrate a remarkable diversity of soils. Nor are the terroirs delimited by political borders: Caparaó extends over both Matas de Minas and Serra da Mantiqueira.
This region lives off of the production of sugar cane, corn, beans, and milk. Coffee, however, remains its primary agricultural product, with plantations covering 275 000 hectares of the northern region. Easy access by rail and highway facilitates the transportation of coffee to its port of embarkment.

In Caparaó, the push for sustainable production has had a noticeable impact. Plantations are most often family-run and 90% are mid-sized (around 10 hectares). Only 3% of producers possess farms larger than 100 hectares. This Brazilian region is therefore quite atypical, pioneering the production of speciality coffees with very different cup profiles.

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