Sample Pack of 3 or 4 Classic Varities 8.8 oz bags – Whole Bean

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New to La Semeuse? Create your own variety pack of La Semeuse Classic whole bean coffees. Select your choice of up to 16 (8.8 oz.) bags!

Versailles (Classique) Whole Bean Coffee 8.8 oz

100% Arabica beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico make Versailles a perfectly balanced classic brew with a hint of sweetness completely free of bitterness.

$13.50 each

Nocturne (Decaf) Whole Bean Coffee 8.8 oz

Blended from 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Haiti, Nocturne’s water-processed decaffeinated blend is so flavorful and delicious it was responsible for originally putting La Semeuse on the map in the U.S.

$16.95 each

Soleil Levant (Bio-Fair Trade) Whole Bean Coffee 8.8oz

100% certified Bio/ Organic Arabica beans from Guatemala, Peru and Indonesia. This Fair Trade Coffee has a nutty taste profile with a fresh round flavor from the signature roast.

$16.00 each

Il Piacere (Espresso) Whole Bean Coffee 8.8 oz

90% Arabica beans from Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia and Cameroon give a surprisingly smooth, balanced quality to Il Piacere. Truly a pleasure, it is a fully roasted coffee with none of the bitter aftertaste associated with espresso blends.

$14.25 each

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Mocca Whole Bean Coffee 8.8 oz

Coffee mix from the tablelands of Central America Brazil and Ethiopia. Typical Mocha taste, coffee par excellence. 100% Arabica.

$13.75 each

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