Nocturne (Decaf) E.S.E. Pods 20pc


Blended from 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Haiti, Nocturne’s water-processed decaffeinated blend is so flavorful and delicious it was responsible for originally putting La Semeuse on the map in the U.S. 

Our Single-serve E.S.E. espresso pods both reduce the time needed to brew coffee and simplify the brewing process by eliminating the need to measure out portions from bulk containers. Fully biodegradable.

100% Arabica

Decaffeinated. A blend from Brazil and Haiti.

Flavourful and silky, with seductive scents of mixed berries and honeysuckle.

Ample and delicious, enriched with a hint of nutmeg and flavours of grasses.

Surprising richness.


Weight .375 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 4 in


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