Master Roaster’s Selection No. 4 – 100 % Arabica Maitre Torrefacteur 8.8 oz.


One of our exclusive blends, made from one of the rarest, most coveted coffees in the world: “Blue Mountain.” This coffee is cultivated at extremely high altitudes at the easternmost tip of the island of Jamaica. It is distinguished by the exceptional balance and
harmony of its flavours.

Blue Mountain marks a particularly pleasant addition to the composition of HIVER BLEU, a subtle blend of pure Arabicas of exceptional gustative qualities, sourced from three different areas: Central America (Costa Rica), South-Western India, and Jamaica (Montagne Bleue).

This 100% Arabica composition produces a consistently exceptional vintage, distinguishable by the depth of its aromas and flavours.

Costa Rica, India, Jamaica


Above 1300 m


Aromatic Note
Milk Chocolate and nutmeg