Ground Coffee Gift Box – Our Classics


The gift of coffee this holiday season.

Our Award Winning Coffee Gift Box is featuring an assortment of 6 bags of ground coffee, 8.8 oz each.

The assortment consists of: 2 bags Versailles, 1 bag Award Winning Decaf Nocturne, 2 bags Organic / Fair trade Soleil Levant & 1 bag Parisien Crema & also added is a complimentary jar of Spiced Sour Cherry Spread from The Gracious Gourmet or a jar of Bliss all natural Hazelnut Butter from Bliss Nut-Butters. Tell us your preference in the note field!

This delicious assortment allows everyone to enjoy their favorite La Semeuse blend, as well as to try a different roast. This gift box is already discounted and not part to any other holiday offer.

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