“The Truth is in Your Cup”




Our Classic blends are simply coffee at its finest. Each is the enduring standard for any type of preparation, everything you expect from the perfect cup, the way you want, day or night.

Available in: Versailles(Classic), Il Piacere(Espresso), Nocturne(Decaf), Parisien(Creamy), Mocca.


Our beans are Certified Fair Trade by The Max Havelaar Foundation – originator of the Fair Trade Movement – and come from Bio/Organic productions. Great coffee with a good heart. 

Available in: Soleil Levant.

SIGNATURE  ORIGIN SELECTION    Note: replacing the Pure Origin Series

These extremely rare coffees are sourced from small plots of land. Carefully selected from among the world’s best plantations for their unique characteristics and aromatic profiles.  Cultivated at high altitude the beans are harvested and processed traditionally by hand and in small quantities.  Graded 84+ points SCA (more details on individual product description)

Available in:

  • Brazil– Region: Capararo (Espirito Santo) Variety: Catuai Jaune . Pulped Natural. Aromatic note: Honey and Caramel.
  • Colombia – Region: Planadas (Tolima), Variey: Typica-Caturra. Washed. Aromatic note: Jasmine & Peach
  • Ethiopia– Regiona: Suddi (Wallagga). Variety: Moka; Washed. Aromatic note: Ginger & Chocolate
  • India– Region: Indian Peninsula. Variety: S795, Aromatic note: Woody, spicy
  • Salvador– Limited Edition – Coming Soon, watch for updates
  • Tanzanie– Limited Edition Region: Tarime (Mara). Aromatic note: Spicy, Fruity (vanilla and passion fruit)


These beans have been selected for their exceptional aromatic profiles, grown on small plots of land, exclusive selection of rare and limited-edition coffees all with unique roasting profiles.  (more details on the individual product description)

Available in:

  • No.1 Region: India, Indonesia, Nepal  Natural Washed. Aromatic note: Malt & Praline
  • No.2 Region Columbia, Ethiopia, Honduras  Washed. Aromatic note: Jasmine & Lime
  • No.3 Limited Edition Available in Fall and Winter (watch for updates)
  • No.4 Region Costa Rica, Indian, Jamaica. Washed Aromatic Note: Grilled Almonds


Our single-serve E.S.E. espresso pods simplify the process, eliminate the need to measure, and protect the flavors by reducing the brewing time. Our pods are fully biodegradable.

Available in: Piacere, Nocturne and Soleil Levant.



One of the first roasters to create personal and direct trading with coffee farmers on several continents, La Semeuse has maintained significant relationships with providers of some of the world’s finest coffee beans generation after generation. Inspired by these personal connections La Semeuse was one of the earliest proponents of the Max Havelaar Foundation, the organization that established what has become known as Fair Trade. Sources have been carefully selected for their unique and special terroirs to guarantee superior beans and coffees with exceptional flavor profiles.


torrefactionThe high altitude of La Semeuse’s home in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, is one of the most significant influences on the coffees’signature taste.  La Semeuse coffees are roasted at an altitude of 3300 feet. The reduced atmospheric pressure at this higher altitude allows for a slower roasting process at a lower temperature, which means no overheating or burning. As a coffee bean roasts, it ‘opens’ releasing flavors and aromatic oils. Starting with the finest green coffee beans, and then allowing the beans to open slowly and completely, means a fuller, richer, and purer end flavor with absolutely no bitterness. La Semeuse’s Masters roasters are experts at this subtle roasting style, taking full advantage of their ideal elevation.


While many other roasters might “water quench” their coffee to cool it quickly, reduce labor time, disguise faults in the roast, and
even add weight, this treatment can severely affect flavor quality and drastically decrease shelf life. La Semeuse coffee is allowed to cool naturally in the fresh Swiss mountain air without the use of machinery or artificial temperature control, and never quenched. Once again, it is simple patience and location behind La Semeuse’s superior products. 


Production line
Production line

After taking so much care for their coffees’ origin and roasting, La Semeuse would not take any risks over its conservation. To best protect the aroma and taste of its coffees, La Semeuse utilizes a one-way freshness valve system that allows the coffee to be packed immediately after its roasted and cooled. This cutting edge technology allows La Semeuse coffee to stay as fresh as the day it was roasted, for up to 21 months.

Storage and Serving

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La Semeuse’s coffee is best kept in an airtight glass or ceramic container in a convenient cool location out of direct light. Be it Versailles or Il Piacere, Soleil Levant or Nocturne,  feel free to try it as an espresso or brewed in a French press. The absence of bitterness in any of La Semeuse blends means they are perfectly suited to whichever brewing method you prefer. The choice is yours, but always La Semeuse.