Easy Serve Espresso PODS

La Semeuse Il Piacere Espresso Coffee Pods 20pcLa Semeuse Nocturne Coffee Pods 20pcLa Semeuse Soleil Levant Fair Trade Coffee Pods 20pcOur Single-serve E.S.E. espresso pods both reduce the time needed to brew coffee and simplify the brewing process by eliminating the need to measure out portions from bulk containers. Fully biodegradable. Each pod contains seven grams of coffee compressed into a food safe filter package. There are many Espresso machines compatible for use of 45 mm diameter E.S.E Espresso standard Pod even in US and Canada.

Available in: Piacere, Nocturne and Soleil Levant.



Now that it’s warming up, why not try cold-brew coffee? Any of our roasts are great for this form of brewing. Versailles Classique gives a nice sweet taste while Pure Origins Ethiopie lends a rich, nutty profile. Hot or Cold. La Semeuse.

Cold Brew is not the same as iced coffee, don’t be fooled. It’s an entirely different process.  Iced coffee is hot coffee or espresso poured over ice and mixed with dairy and lots of sweeteners. Cold-brew coffee is exactly what it sounds like, brewed by steeping coffee in cold water rather than hot. The former makes for a watery, often more bitter and flavorless product. Cold-brew reigns supreme for anyone who appreciates coffee in its premium, unsweetened, unadulterated form.

Further, when the grounds are exposed to cold vs. hot water in the steeping process, UCLA food science blog explains that the flavor is much more nuanced and less bitter. ‘Fans of the cold brew method have emphasized that cold brews contain a completely different flavor profile that can’t be found with hot brews.’ There are many factors that go into how the coffee grounds are absorbed. The temperature at which they brew, the ratio of beans to water and the length of brew time play a critical role in the flavor as well as the caffeine content.

As for equipment, it doesn’t take much more than a Mason Jar and a cheesecloth. Of course there are several options you can purchase like the Toddy Cold Brew, which we love.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

Measure it

One pound of coarsely ground (French press grind setting) coffee for one gallon of water. A lighter-roast coffee will be fruitier and will work better for a longer steeping time; darker roasts are earthier. Start with filtered water:

Add water

Put the coffee in a large, clean container. Pour in a gallon of water, stir the grounds in evenly. Cover the container with something breathable, such as cheesecloth, so no dust settles into it, and let it stand at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours.

Strain it

Set a strainer lined with cheesecloth or a paper filter on top of a clean container (this is the one that will be used to store the coffee) and pour in the coffee mixture.

Drink up

Cover and refrigerate the brew for 4 to 5 days. It’s a concentrate, so when you’re ready to drink, pour some of the brew into a cup and add some cold filtered water. How much you add depends on how strongly you brewed your cold-brew and how strong you like your coffee. It’s best served cold.



The Best Way to Do Coffee


Research abounds with information about how to make your morning cup taste its best. From the numerous methods in which to brew, to how often it should be consumed throughout the day, coffee plays a big enough part in our lives to dedicate a level of expertise that shouldn’t be ignored.

Huffington Post recently published a list of 5 items that after digging through the best of the best, sounds like a good bet to us.

Here is the general synopsis:

1. Clean your coffee pot.
Clean it with white vinegar and warm water once a week.

2. Store your coffee correctly.
Don’t store coffee in the fridge or freezer or near an air conditioner or heater. Grind beans for each use.

3. Use filtered water.
What goes in must come out.

4. Pour-over brewing.
Hario, Chemex, Bonavita and Kitchenaid offer great options for this.

5. Dont drink coffee all day.
Save your caffeine upload for before lunch. If not, it could lead to some sleepless nights.

We have added one more that could be the most important of them all:


There you have it, all the makings of a perfect cup of coffee or three.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

The Truth is in Your Cup.



Slow Down. Sip Your La Semeuse in 2015


Yesterday was the last day of holiday vacation for many of you. What a blissful two weeks it was, especially for morning coffee time. The whole world slowed down just a bit while the kids were out of school, offices were closed, your neighbors were away, and the absence of a daily grind made the day much sweeter. Instead of racing through your mornings, you woke up later. You pulled out your Chemex Coffeemaker or your Delonghi Espresso Machine to really enjoy your La Semeuse coffee. Instead of pouring in the cold half and half, you took the extra step and went for the foam. Instead of gulping on the fly, you read the New York Times from front to back while sipping slowly. These seemingly small indulgences are what really determine the quality of your day.

We invite you to add another item to your list of resolutions: to keep up this slower pace in the coming year. It may mean that you have to wake up earlier in the morning, perhaps before anyone else in your house does, before the sun has peaked through and the craziness begins. Drink more La Semeuse coffee, and do so slowly. You’ll be grateful you did.