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La Semeuse Recipe No. 1: Tabbouleh w Coffee Infusion

A fresh and surprising composition with the subtle flavor of roasted coffee. Take it to the office for the lunch break. This is the first recipe to come from the home La Semeuse office in Switzerland. The recipe is translated, so we’re translating the words but not the flavor profile! INGREDIENTS 200 g tabbouleh 2 […]

Is Good Office Coffee the Key to Success?

Coffee and work are a natural - and scientifically proven - positive match! If coffee and work were a couple, they'd be #couplegoals champions. As a distributor of what we believe is the best coffee around, we'd like to encourage businesses to invest in a people-pleasing, productivity inspiring brand of coffee for the office like, [...]

Cooking with Coffee! Coffee Crusted Steak Recipe!

Have you tried cooking with coffee? If not, consider this delicious recipe for Coffee Crusted Tenderloin featured on Wine and Dine with Maestro! What coffee (the secret ingredient) did Chef Tom Mastrianni use for his recipe? Our very own Cafe La Semeuse Parisian! Unfortunately this episode has been blocked by the owner. We will update […]

Easy Serve Espresso PODS

Our Single-serve E.S.E. espresso pods both reduce the time needed to brew coffee and simplify the brewing process by eliminating the need to measure out portions from bulk containers. Fully biodegradable. Each pod contains seven grams of coffee compressed into a food safe filter package. There are many Espresso machines compatible for use of 45 mm diameter E.S.E […]


Now that it’s warming up, why not try cold-brew coffee? Any of our roasts are great for this form of brewing. Versailles Classique gives a nice sweet taste while Pure Origins Ethiopie lends a rich, nutty profile. Hot or Cold. La Semeuse. Cold Brew is not the same as iced coffee, don’t be fooled. It’s […]

What is a Flavor Wheel?

  The Flavor Wheel develops a glossary of coffee terms based on sensory science and has become the standard that most cuppers today use in describing the coffee they buy and/or sell. According to Roast Magazine, ‘The flavor wheel has enjoyed 15 years in existence. It is used by the most seasoned coffee cuppers and […]

Arabica & Robusta

The coffee tree takes three years to give its first flowering, five years for its first harvest and its lifetime is between twenty and thirty years depending on weather conditions and care provided. The coffee tree has the distinction of having simultaneously, and on the same branch, flowers and cherries with a different maturity, making […]

Coffee and Your Health

For many people, coffee is a way of life, something that the day cannot start without. There are blogs dedicated to the love of coffee such as Pure Coffee Blog or Dear Coffee I Love You . There is a whole world of merchandise that speaks directly to our need for morning coffee. Despite the years […]