Why is La Semeuse DeCaf (Nocturne) Coffee So Delicious?

How does LaSemeuse make such delicious decaffeinated coffee? It’s all about the process.

There are several different processes to take the caffeine out of coffee. Some of those processes are done using chemicals. While others are completed naturally or WITHOUT chemical solvents to separate the caffeine from the bean.

Chemical processes tend to remove aroma and flavor – along with caffeine. These methods are very common because they are faster and less expensive than the natural method. The result of this shortcut is a change to the flavor profile — and that has given decaf coffee a bit of a bad wrap.

La Semuese Nocturne coffee is decaffeinated through a natural process without the use of chemical solvents. Our green coffee beans, selected by our experts, are moistened with water and exposed to liquid carbon dioxide. Interacting with the coffee, the CO2 extracts the caffeine from the coffee beans.

The specific characteristics of this 100% natural decaffeination process preserve all the molecules responsible for the flavor and taste of the roasted coffee and allow a caffeine level lower than 0.1% to be achieved.

La Semeuse Nocturne decaf coffee is also made from 100% arabica beans, rather than the typical supermarket brand which uses robusta beans with a small amount of the superior Arabica beans added in to boost its flavor. So you can enjoy 100% arabica beans and a delicious blend from Brazil and Ethiopia.

LaSemeuse Nocturne is naturally decaffeinated without chemical solvents, its aromas are particularly well-preserved, revealing a luscious fruity fragrance enriched with hints of chocolate and grilled almond. A real coffee taste without the caffeine.

And we believe LaSemeuse Nocturne is the best smelling coffee on the planet!!!

So if you are looking for a compromise-free decaffeinated coffee, we highly recommend you try La Semeuse Nocturne!

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