La Semeuse Mentioned in the New York Times

Guess which #neverbittercoffee was mentioned in the New York Times this past weekend!!! That’s right, La Semeuse!!!

In the article “How the ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Costume Designer Spends Her Sundays?” the marvelous Donna Zakowska, starts her day with “berry soup” and a cup of La Semeuse coffee, of course!!

I get up at 8, which, having been up by 4:30 to be on set by 6, is late. I’m a ritualist about my morning meal: I always make a French drip coffee called La Semeuse (you have to get it online).

You can actually ALSO get La Semeuse at some area cafes in New York and Florida. We’ll be featuring those locations in an upcoming newsletter, and on our social media outlets.

Thank you to Donna Zakowska for your discerning palate and for sharing your Sunday routine!

PS. We love the show and the costumes are fantastic!

Read the full article here:

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