La Semeuse Recipe No. 1: Tabbouleh w Coffee Infusion

A fresh and surprising composition with the subtle flavor of roasted coffee. Take it to the office for the lunch break.

This is the first recipe to come from the home La Semeuse office in Switzerland. The recipe is translated, so we’re translating the words but not the flavor profile!

200 g tabbouleh
2 oz. coffee oil (or alternative)
3 limes (juice)
2 bunches of flat parsley
2 small bunches of mint
1 small papaya
1 mango


1) Swell the tabbouleh according to the instructions on the package. Add coffee oil and lime juice.

2) Wash the herbs. Dry them with paper towel. Remove stems and chop finely. Integrate into tabbouleh.

3) Cut the fruits into cubes. Add. Let stand 15 minutes in the fridge.

4) Add seasoning to taste and enjoy.

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