Focus on the Swiss Coffee Connection

The Swiss Coffee Connection

It was in the motley space “Le local Brotherfields” that the 3rd edition of the French-speaking coffee festival took place: the Swiss Coffee Connection.

Decorated with antique ornaments, vintage furniture but above all with retro bicycles, this new space can be set up for all types of events and thus become a “theater” of Lausanne’s cultural life.

It was a great opportunity for La Semeuse to participate in this event of the Swiss artisan roaster scene and present our unique range of specialty coffees.

Specialty Coffees
Our range of specialty coffees served at the event included “Pure Origin” as well as 2 permanent “Blend”, from carefully selected terroirs, that allowed guests to taste rare coffees. On this occasion, we offered a selection of 2 Pure Origin selections and 1 Blend:

DULLI Ethiopia BIO
Altitude BIO (Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras)
– CHANIA Kenya (summer-autumn 2020 edition – unfortunately it is not currently available in the USA)

Coffee Preparation

Our Swiss friends have been able to count on the immense support of their partner Vassili Service, the Swiss distributor of the American brand of espresso machines Slayer Espresso.
All coffees were brewed using the dream machine “Slayer Espresso 1 Group.”

Our “Slayer shot” recipe for making a perfect double espresso consists of:
– 20g of ground coffee
– 92 ° of water
– 18 seconds pre-infusion
– 20 seconds infusion
– A final 40g espresso of pure happiness!

Coffee Trends
The current trend is for the discovery of fruity and very aromatic flavors, a search for exotic flavors that take us on a journey, as evidenced by the great diversity of “Pure Origin” presented at the event.

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