Coffee Break with LaSemeuse Office Worker – Maude

Each month, we invite you to share our employee coffee break! An intimate and relaxed moment with the different personalities who work every day at La Semeuse.

An office worker at La Semeuse for 14 years, this native of La Chaux-de-Fonds works to process your orders and is part of the team that provides information to the switchboard. One of the oldest employees and having passed through many departments of the company, Maude can be described as the “Swiss army knife” of La Semeuse.

“I greatly appreciate the bond created with the restaurateurs with whom I contact every two weeks. By mingling with each other, we forge links, it is important to be close to customers ” Maude, office worker for 14 years

If you are looking for it, you will certainly find it during a hike in the region or in the bays of the Mélèzes ice rink supporting our partner club HC La Chaux-de-Fonds.

What do you like most about your job?
Versatility. Having been through several departments since my arrival, it allows me to manage everywhere and have the opportunity to not always do the same things.

Your best coffee moment of the day?
When my colleagues have to practice making specialties and they spontaneously bring me coffee in the morning.

The object that you never part with?

A ring given to me.

What do you like most about La Tchaux?

You can be as fast in the city as in nature.

The job you wanted to do as a child?


What makes you proud at the end of a workday?

The feeling of duty accomplished and of having been able to provide the best possible information to customers

Would you rather have an “espresso” or “cappuccino”?


Your best memory at La Semeuse?

Extra-professional moments with colleagues which give us the opportunity to discuss topics other than work.

Any personal goals?

To learn to play guitar

“I like challenges ! The latest is the planting of coffee cherries. One day, we may drink coffee grown directly in La Chaux-de-Fonds. ”

~ Maude, office worker for 14 years

Your hobbies outside of coffee?

The sport; I play a few but I am also a fan of ice hockey and GP motorcycles.

Your favorite Swiss city?

Lugano for having spent a lot of holidays there as a youngster

Location of your last vacation?

My last big trip was to Norway

The book on your bedside table?

“Don’t Tell Anyone” from Harlan Coben

Your favorite coffee from the La Semeuse assortment?

Il Piacere coffee

Your favorite dessert?

My colleague Yves’ cream cake


Thank you for reading! Until Next Time!

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