Coffee Break with LaSemeuse Coffee Roaster Yves!

Each month, we invite you to share our employee coffee break! An intimate and relaxed moment with the different personalities who work every day within our roasting.

A roaster at La Semeuse for over 18 years, Yves is still passionate about his profession and the world of coffee.

A baker/pastry chef by training, this Jura native keeps the ancestral know-how of La Semeuse alive with each roasting. Yves is part of our panel of tasters. It thus guarantees the taste quality of our products which has made our brand famous for many years.

Yves is also a big sports enthusiast. He takes advantage of our magnificent region, summer, and winter, to practice his favorite activities such as skating and mountain biking.

“What matters most to me?”
“Keeping the know-how of a century-old family business alive.”
Yves, roaster at La Semeuse for 18 years

Appreciated by his colleagues for his good humor, he gives us some details about his professional and private life.

What do you like most about your job?
The bewitching smell of cracking grain.

Do you have a specific goal?
To continue to be able to combine work, sport, and pleasure in one day

Espresso” or “Cappuccino”?

Your best coffee moment of the day?
The first-morning tour that perfumes the roasting

“Arabica” or “Robusta”?
A clever mix of the two

Your best memory at La Semeuse?
Meeting my darling

What do you like most about La Tchaux?
A town in the countryside and the sympathy of the inhabitants

The object that you never part with?
My knife to open the bags of coffee

The job you wanted to do as a child?


Your favorite “house” dish?
My mom’s beef shank

“I am very proud to contribute to the happiness and satisfaction of our customers who enjoy La Semeuse coffee every day”
Yves, roaster at La Semeuse for 18 years

Your hobbies outside of coffee?
Sports (skating, hockey in winter and mountain biking in summer)

What do you like to do in the summer?
Traveling by camping bus

Your favorite dessert?
Cream cakes

The book on your bedside table?
A book by Mike Horn

Your favorite coffee from the La Semeuse assortment?
India Malabar

Your musical style?
Rock, Metal, Electro

Thank you for reading! Until Next Time!

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