Coffee Break with Jorge : Coffee Machine Service Employee

Coffee break with Jorge, Coffee Machine Service Employee

Each month, we invite you to share our employee coffee break! An intimate and relaxed moment with the different personalities who work every day within our roasting.


A native of Minho (northern Portugal), Jorge has worked at LA SEMEUSE for over 21 years now.

Beautiful longevity coupled with an intact passion allowed him to acquire rich know-how: The maintenance and repair of coffee machines no longer hold any secrets for him!


” My pride?
Give a second life to your old coffee machine »
Jorge, coffee machine service employee for 21 years


Passionate about sport in general, Jorge also enjoys taking his motorbike out for a ride in our beautiful region. Never short of anecdotes and stories to tell, he casually responds to our coffee break interview.


What do you like most about your job?
Diversified work

Your best coffee moment of the day?
In the morning before starting the day

Your best memories in La Semeuse?
The outing at Val-de-Travers, when La Semeuse celebrated its 100th anniversary!

What makes you proud at the end of a workday?
For having achieved my goals for the day

The object that you never part with?
My cellphone

“Espresso” or “Cappuccino”?

What do you like most about La Tchaux?
The good La Semeuse coffee of course!

Rather “Arabica” or “Robusta”?

The job you wanted to do as a child?
Truck driver

Your favorite style of music?
Pop rock


“The most important aspect of my job?
Find the most suitable solution for the customer and offer a service that matches our products. “

Jorge, coffee machine service employee for 21 years


Your hobbies outside of coffee?
Motorbike, bike, walk

Your favorite Swiss city?
Neuchâtel with its lake and its old town

Location of your last vacation?
Southern Portugal (Algarve)

What do you like to do in the summer?
Enjoy the sea and the beach

Your favorite coffee from the La Semeuse assortment?
Il Piacere coffee

Your favorite dessert?
All ice cream


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