Coffee Break with Céline: La Semeuse Sales Director

Each month, we invite you to share our employee coffee break! An intimate and relaxed moment with the different personalities who work every day within our roasting.

Originally from the Jura, Céline has been scouring the Romandie regions for several years. Living in the canton of Vaud, she studied in Geneva and now works in La Chaux-de-Fonds. A great mix of regions synonymous with a strong belonging to our beautiful Switzerland.

Although very attached to Romandie, Céline appreciates the German culture just as much. She actively participates in the development of our brand overseas.

“What do I love most about my job? The social connection ! Human-centered personal enrichment “

~ Céline, Sales Director at La Semeuse

With a rich and long experience in the field of sales (particularly in multinationals), Céline thrives fully in the promotion of a company rich in traditions and more than a hundred years old. Passionate about coffee, she constantly draws on the precious know-how of our coffee specialist and our production employees.

Your best memory at La Semeuse?

The open house in 2019. See all these people taking an interest in our work tool, our products. In particular the pleasure of seeing the children marvel at the production.

Your best coffee moment of the day?

All ! Really difficult to choose! Perhaps the one on Sunday morning when you take the time to drink it in a filter version.

The objects that you never part with?

My wedding ring and my glasses! I am “naked” without these elements. Otherwise much less nice, my phones.

Espresso or Cappuccino?

Team Espresso!

Your favorite dessert?

More cheese than dessert. But on the sweet side, very basic: Cailler milk chocolate

What makes you proud at the end of a workday?

When we (the sales team) get new customers

What do you like most about La Tchaux?

Mhmmm the accent of the locals! For me, who lives in the canton of Vaud, it is very exotic. At the same time, it reminds me of my native jura!

Favorite style of music?

As my husband would say: “the old or dead singers” … Quite a program! But the French song in general

The job you wanted to do as a child?

Flight attendant

Arabica or Robusta?


“The most important aspect of my job? Be the central cog between customers and the company “

~ Céline, Sales Director at La Semeuse

Your favorite La Semeuse variety?

Organic Mocca in general and a few infidelities, notably Entre Sierras. But always organic coffees.

Your next goal?

My personal goal for 2022 (postponed from 2021): A 4-day trek in the desert with friends! 30km of walking per day!

Your hobby outside of coffee?

Nordic Walking

Your favorite Swiss city?

My city of heart: Porrentruy

What do you like to do in the summer?

Picnic by the lake on foot or by bike

Favorite homemade meal?

Roast chicken grilled well.

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