A Commitment to People & the Environment at La Semeuse

La Semeuse’s Commitment to People and the Environment

Each year, we import an increasing percentage of bags of green coffee from organic farming & produced in accordance with the ethics of the “Max Havelaar *” foundation.

This selection is made on a daily basis – based on criteria of sustainability & quality, respect for people and the environment.

* The name “Max Havelaar” comes from the eponymous novel, published in 1860, which, through its criticisms of the colonial system, had given rise to numerous reforms in the Dutch colonies. Today we have become one of the largest buyers of Swiss organic certified green coffees in the country… a great progression.

The Origin of Organic and FairTrade Coffee at La Semeuse

Our adventure in this area began on August 21, 1992.

On this date, we signed a license agreement with the Max Havelaar foundation, to make La Semeuse the first independent roaster in Switzerland to offer certified organic coffee & Max Havelaar certification.

That coffee was Soleil Levant – our blend derived exclusively from certified organic and FairTrade plantations. The name “Soleil-Levant,” reflects our commitment to the people who grow and the people who drink our coffees.

FairTrade and organically grown coffee, our people, and the environment live in perfect balance. The name “RISING SUN” was added to our blend in 1992, demonstrating that the sun can rise over a new world and that light can drive out darkness. Another more recent example of our commitment is illustrated by our organic and social variety “Entre Sierras” from Colombia. Launching this coffee in 2020 illustrates our committment to supporting this plantation in the Perija mountains in the far north of Colombia. We thus pay them a contribution allowing them to acquire a coffee drying infrastructure and to teach organic farming techniques. “Entre Sierras” – our latest organic and FairTrade coffee will be coming soon to the US.

How is Making Coffee Like Making a Violin?

Allow us to risk making a comparison between our job as an agro-food roaster and that of a violin maker, part of an artistic craft. Both of them buy a noble raw material: on one side coffee, arabica or robusta. On the other, wood, ebony, spruce, willow. The two craftsmen work these materials and the result is either a Stradivarius or a junk violin… With a coffee roaster the result is either an exceptional coffee, balanced in terms of taste and conscience or one without aromas or flavors.

When the coffee is packed, when the violin is made, we find ourselves in front of inanimate objects. They must be brought to life, through stooges, the virtuoso for the violin and the barista for the coffee. The roaster, as we understand it at La Semeuse, is thus, like a luthier, a craftsman rather than an industrialist, a craftsman driven by the passion for coffee to make his coffee an exceptional, rich product. in aromas & flavors.

New Aluminum Free Packaging

Finally, we would like to talk again about our efforts to develop aluminum-free packaging pouches.

Today, all of our 500g/1kg coffee packages are labeled “GenProtect”: a new aluminum-free composite packaging, made from 75% renewable and sustainable sources. Produced from sugar cane, vegetable oils or a by-product obtained during the manufacture of paper pulp.

“GenProtect” packaging perfectly protects and preserves coffee, guaranteeing an excellent protective barrier to light and light. oxygen in the air, without compromising its durability. 

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