Slow Down. Sip Your La Semeuse in 2015


Yesterday was the last day of holiday vacation for many of you. What a blissful two weeks it was, especially for morning coffee time. The whole world slowed down just a bit while the kids were out of school, offices were closed, your neighbors were away, and the absence of a daily grind made the day much sweeter. Instead of racing through your mornings, you woke up later. You pulled out your Chemex Coffeemaker or your Delonghi Espresso Machine to really enjoy your La Semeuse coffee. Instead of pouring in the cold half and half, you took the extra step and went for the foam. Instead of gulping on the fly, you read the New York Times from front to back while sipping slowly. These seemingly small indulgences are what really determine the quality of your day.

We invite you to add another item to your list of resolutions: to keep up this slower pace in the coming year. It may mean that you have to wake up earlier in the morning, perhaps before anyone else in your house does, before the sun has peaked through and the craziness begins. Drink more La Semeuse coffee, and do so slowly. You’ll be grateful you did.