The Best Way to Do Coffee


Research abounds with information about how to make your morning cup taste its best. From the numerous methods in which to brew, to how often it should be consumed throughout the day, coffee plays a big enough part in our lives to dedicate a level of expertise that shouldn’t be ignored.

Huffington Post recently published a list of 5 items that after digging through the best of the best, sounds like a good bet to us.

Here is the general synopsis:

1. Clean your coffee pot.
Clean it with white vinegar and warm water once a week.

2. Store your coffee correctly.
Don’t store coffee in the fridge or freezer or near an air conditioner or heater. Grind beans for each use.

3. Use filtered water.
What goes in must come out.

4. Pour-over brewing.
Hario, Chemex, Bonavita and Kitchenaid offer great options for this.

5. Dont drink coffee all day.
Save your caffeine upload for before lunch. If not, it could lead to some sleepless nights.

We have added one more that could be the most important of them all:


There you have it, all the makings of a perfect cup of coffee or three.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

The Truth is in Your Cup.